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Metronode's data centre incorporating the BladeRoom System scores Tier III accreditation

Leighton Contractors' data centre operator subsidiary, Metronode's new Victorian data centre has become the second in Australia to be awarded Tier III accreditation by the Uptime Institute.
ITWire | 23rd April 2012
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Ark Continuity, BladeRoom and Red Engineering awarded as Finalist

Ark Continuity, BladeRoom and Red Engineering awarded as Finalist in Uptime Institute's 2012 Green Enterprise IT Awards Competition.
The companies were recognised for the rapid deployment of Data Centre P1 at Ark's Spring Park Data Centre Campus which delivers one of the most efficient data centres in the UK and as a result, one of the most cost effective hosting environments ever.
uptimeinstitute.com | 19th April 2012
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Ark Continuity welcomes UK Cabinet Office Minister to a tour of an operational BladeRoom Data Centre

Ark Continuity welcomes UK Cabinet Office Minister to the next phase of Spring Park Data Centre Campus for a tour of an operational BladeRoom Data Centre.
During the visit the Minister was able to see how Ark has developed a model for data centre provision which can save organisations up to 40% of their costs through lower energy and running costs while maintaining the highest levels of security.
ark continuity | 28th March 2012
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Metronode readies free-cooled Melbourne data centre

Leighton-owned data centre builder Metronode is close to completing the first stage of a world-first modular data centre fit-out in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.
Metronode has signed a deal with British engineering firm BladeRoom to distribute and manufacture its unique design of modular data centre.
ITNews | 7th March 2012
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BladeRoom Data Centre – On the Highway

"Just saying it's a different way of building a data centre. You don't really need a custom building to make a good sized, efficient, state of the art data centre."
etherealmind.com | 22nd November 2011
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South Africa's First Green Data Park

"[The BladeRoom] green data centre design addresses these shortcomings. Build quality and short lead times have been achieved using factory-built modules supplied by Bladeroom UK. Fully assembled modules are factory tested as a functional data centre prior to shipment. This ensures a consistent product of a high standard."
coldpressmedia.co.za | 25th August 2011
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Metronode to Build its Own Data Halls

"Leighton-owned Metronode has shortlisted three Australian states as potential locations to manufacture modular data halls for its BladeRoom data centre business."
ITNews.com.au | 24th May 2011
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Slideshow: Metronode Starts Data Centres in Melbourne, Perth

"The BladeRoom modular data centre will initially be used in the Melbourne facility before being rolled out across new facilities in other capital cities."
ComputerWorld.com.au | 1st May 2011
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ZDNet Visit the BladeRoom Assembly Facility

"BladeRoom was...assembling modules for datacentres for Australian distributor Metronode. The six facilities, which have a combined 22,000 square feet of space, will be set up in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney"
ZDNet.co.uk | 30th April 2011
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Merlin: One of the World's Most Sustainable Data Centers

Merlin is Capgemini's newest data center and is one of the most sustainable facilities of its type in the world. It will provide Capgemini clients with cost-effective, secure, resilient, flexible and environmentally considerate IT services

Leighton Contractors Rolls Out Modular Data Centers with BladeRoom

"The total technical space for these facilities will reach approximately 15,000 sq m when at full capacity, all of which will be state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency and in line with the Uptime Institute’s Tier 3 design standard"
DataCenterDynamics.com | 4th February 2011
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Leighton Launches $500m Data Centre Push

"The company will roll out modular data centres based on Britain's BladeRoom technology...BladeRoom was selected by Capgemini Britain for its Merlin data centre, which was judged the best green data centre in Europe"
TheAustralian.com.au | 25th January 2011
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Leighton Contractors embarks on Australian data centre expansion program

"Malcolm Roe, General Manager of Metronode, said the BladeRoom technology will reduce energy usage...by up to 80 per cent compared with most current generation data centres"
LeightonContractors.com.au | 25th January 2011
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Closer Look: BladeRoom Pre-Fab Modules

We've been tracking the evolution of new modular data center designs...One of the more interesting players in this niche is BladeRoom
DataCenterKnowledge.com | 23rd September 2010
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How Low Can a Datacentre PUE Get?

"Bladeroom's latest design uses ambient air cooling which [...] will work unsupplemented by refrigeration in all but the most extreme of environments"
ZDNet.co.uk | 21st July 2010
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Container Design: Busting Out of The Box

The BladeRoom system is one of a number of new modular data center systems changing the way people are approaching data center projects.
DataCenterKnowledge.com | 12th July 2010
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Leighton's Data Centre Arm to Distribute BladeRoom in ANZ

"BladeRoom data centres offer one of the lowest operating costs of any data centre available today..."
ITWire.com | 18th June 2010
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Is this the Future of Datacentre Design?

"we get 99.74 percent free cooling in the UK, or if humidity reaches 80 percent, all cooling is free...."
TheRegister.com | 17th June 2010
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A Modular, Scalable Data Centre with a PUE of 1.13

"A statement like that is surely worthy of a spot in the next episode of Ripley's Believe It or Not..."
DataChain.com | 3rd June 2010
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