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Data Centre Construction - Greenfield & Brownfield Data Centre Sites

A BladeRoom data centre is built from pre-engineered structures with a 60 year design life. Containing fully integrated M&E they are transported in sections and craned into position, rapidly creating new data centre capacity of any size.

  • Select a Site


    A site is selected that is large enough to accommodate the final data centre and any expected growth.
    The site is to be developed in phases, closely matching capital investment and land utilisation to data centre demand.

  • Level Site & Commence Factory Production (Weeks 1-8)


    Factory production of the data centre can take place simultaneously with on-site ground works, compressing the programme.
    The 1st phase development area is decided upon and suitable hard standing is put in place.

  • Secure the Site & Complete Factory Production (Weeks 9 12)


    The site is secured with a perimeter wall and access control.
    Temporary security fencing is erected to secure the 1st phase of development.
    BladeRoom factory production is completed and commissioning begins.

  • Acquire Site Power and Commission Data Centre (Weeks 13 14)


    Incoming site power is obtained - the 1st phase utilises whatever power is available, with power upgraded in the future as demand grows.
    Primary electrical infrastructure (transformers, UPS, generators) installation begins.
    Off-site commissioning is completed and the data centre is made ready for transport to site.

  • Data Centres are Installed and Handed Over (Weeks 15 18)


    The data centre is delivered and connected up to site services.
    Following commissioning the facility is ready to receive IT equipment.
    Ancillary accommodation can be constructed to provide support areas and a building front.

  • Future Growth


    As demand for IT space grows, additional capacity can be quickly delivered to match demand.
    Additional data centres can be installed seamlessly, without downtime or disruption to existing facilities.

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