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BladeRoom Scalable Data Centres

As well as small to medium sized data centres, the BladeRoom system can deliver large scale data centres of thousands of racks in either single or multi storey formats.

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    The BladeRoom system can be used to quickly unlock large potential sites that have gone undeveloped owing to the capital undertaking required.
    By matching growth to demand the minimum capital expenditure is required to make a data centre operational and eventually utilise the entire site.

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    The initial data centre can be deployed quickly to meet current demand, utilising any initial power available power on-site.
    Capital expenditure is minimised by only investing in capacity that is required on day 1, without speculatively building for future requirements.

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    As demand increases additional capacity can be delivered in as little as 12 weeks, allowing for 'just in time provision.
    Capital is committed only when it is actually required.

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    In large service provider or collocation sites the operational data centre can be used as a 'show home' facility for potential client's. New dedicated data centre facilities can be delivered to site to suit a specific client once business has been gained.

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    By using a scalable approach to developing a site you can make data centres operational even if site power is limited.
    Any initial power can be utilised while applications are made to upgrade the site power infrastructure and make way for additional facilities.

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    Large-scale sites can be fully utilised over a number of years of seamless growth, establishing extensive multi-storey data centres over time.
    Data centres of any size can be provided using the BladeRoom System.

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