BladeRoom Data Centres Internal Fit-out Air Blender Image

Internal fitout Data Centres

BladeRoom Data Centres Internal Fit-out Cold Aisle Image

BladeRoom architect system

BladeRoom is a globally consistent product which can be deployed anywhere. BladeRoom’s internal fit out product uses standardised component categories to allow it to be delivered and maintained effectively anywhere in the world. The Architect SystemTM provides the airflow products, cold zone products, IT aisle products, air optimisation products, and equipment for control and monitoring.

Minimal additional works

Few additional measures are required to enable a BladeRoom data centre to be sited inside an existing building. Outside air needs to move to and from the installed Architect System and we provide a bespoke link and ducting system to achieve this. Connection to services takes place in the usual way.

BladeRoom Data Centres Internal Fit-out Image