BladeRoom Energy centre

BladeRoom’s proprietary integrated critical power product, the Energy Centre, provides fully packaged electrical infrastructure with significant operational benefits. The key difference from a “traditional” energy centre lies in how the LVSB and UPS is cooled using the same proprietary cooling technology as the BladeRoom data centre, increasing efficiency with cooling matching the demand.

BladeRoom Data Centre Cooling Dampers Image
No Additional PlantNo DuctworkSingle BMS and EMSSingle Cooling SystemMore Energy Efficient

No Additional Plant

Zero mechanical plant associated with Energy Centre cooling

No Ductwork

Zero duct work in Energy Centre as all cooling is provided by the InDirect Air Plant Room

Single BMS and EMS

A single centralised system to simplify monitoring and maintenance

Single Cooling System

A 500kW InDirect Air Plant Room cools both the energy centre and IT with no loss of capacity

More Energy Efficient

Reduction in overall site power consumption with only one cooling system for the Energy Centre