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Operational Testing

We have comprehensively evaluated the operational performance of our technology by testing it for 6 months in our factory, under a wide range of conditions, with the results independently verified.

Operating in 4 Continents

BladeRoom Data Centres currently have over 165 data halls in operation across Europe, North America, Africa and Australia.

Building Envelope

Our 'fabric first' design approach in choice of materials produces mission critical infrastructure with industry leading thermal transmittance and air permeability performance and reduces the quantity of materials required by selecting ones that are more appropriate for a factory assembly process.

15 Years of Development

The BladeRoom has been continuously developed for 15 years, operating as a market leader for efficiency and sustainability for more a decade ago, achieving 'Green Data Centre of the Year' for a project delivered in 2010.

Match Technology

BladeRoom's Match Technology acts as the brain of the data centre, automatically responds to the external ambient conditions, as well as the changing IT environments, to ensure that cooling supply air precisely matches IT demand.

Quality Assurance

We carry out over 5,000 QA checks per data hall, a standard of quality control levels just not seen on conventional projects.

Factory Testing

Every stage of our manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality checks with a quality inspection report being logged at each stage and checked prior to the products being dispatched.

Operational Data

BladeRoom have provided more than 130MW of capacity registering in excess of 11.5million hours of operation with zero downtime.