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Collaborating Since 2011

We have been building data centres off-site in partnership with Ark Data Centres for over a decade. Work began on the first 1.5MW data centre in August 2011 at Ark’s Spring Park campus, with our first partnership agreement signed in September 2013. Our latest partnership agreement extends to 2028, ensuring that Ark’s clients will continue to be offered the world’s most sustainable data centres for many years to come.

87MW Delivered So Far

Together, we have built 110 data halls, totalling 87MW and 50,210 m2 and during this time, our technology and construction approach have evolved considerably, enabling us to provide some of the most socially responsible data centres in the world. Not only do Bladeroom Data Centres provide Ark with the most energy efficient data centres in the world, every data hall and energy centre is designed and built in the UK using the most advanced and sustainable offsite construction methods.

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Looking to the future







“We have worked in exclusive partnership with Ark for ten years, forming an extremely strong bond along the way. We are very likeminded businesses with the same agenda – to constantly develop a better solution for clients, not just in terms of sustainability, but a premium quality product. The world has an enormous reliance on data centres by the way people and businesses move and operate, with that trend ever growing. Extending our exclusive partnership signifies our joint commitment to a solution, creating a more sustainable digital future by providing the highest quality and most sustainable data centres available. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved together and look forward with anticipation to our upcoming projects.”


About Ark Data Centres

With their mission-critical facilities fuelled by 100% renewable energy from purely natural sources, Ark are empowering businesses to work from anywhere in the world. Ark specialise in the design, construction and operation of high integrity data centres which lead the market in sustainability, delivering optimum security, combined with the highest levels of availability.

Ark’s objective is to industrialise the data centre market, eliminating the errors and costs associated with one-off custom-built solutions, favouring the inherent quality, improved performance, and economies of an off-site manufactured solution.

“Our BladeRoom relationship epitomises the dovetailed engagement that Ark enjoys with key alliance partners. Together we share the relentless pursuit of excellence, common cultures, social values and teams absolutely committed to the delivery of an exceptional customer experience. Working together since 2011, we developed a highly efficient data centre construction methodology with the bulk of the work completed off-site. This approach enables us to rapidly assemble and deliver quality assured, pre-tested products complete with electronic security, monitoring, bus-bar electrical distribution, clean earth, fire suppression and cable containment, ready for racks to roll in for a ‘plug and play’ fit-out. In short, we deliver fully integrated data centres with the lowest carbon emissions more efficiently than any of our competitors while simultaneously reducing build time and minimising waste.”

Huw Owen – Chief Executive, Ark Data Centres

The Climate neutral data centre pact

In 2021, Ark Data Centres joined the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact. This forward-thinking initiative heralds a commitment from major operators in the European data centre market to make data centres climate neutral by 2030, supporting the ‘European Green Deal’ goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050. They believe that by acting together, the data centre industry can have a real and significant impact in the fight against climate change.

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