Data centre design

Designed by our experts

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operational Design Principles

Traditional methods of data centre cooling are extremely energy inefficient. Our data centres feature innovative technology designed around three core operational design principles: to extract the maximum amount of heat from the IT; utilise mechanical cooling as little as possible; and maximise the amount of free air used to cool the servers.

Fabric First

The design of our technology and our ‘fabric first’ approach in choice of materials produces mission critical infrastructure with industry leading thermal transmittance and air permeability performance. This provides an operationally efficient environment, improving the sustainability of the building by reducing heating and cooling requirements.

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reducing CARBON

Our design approach reduces the carbon in every building we manufacture. The steel that forms our superstructures contains at least 25% recycled content and is sourced from fabricators local to our UK production facility, which reduces transport movements and distances throughout our supply chain. Our insulation and flooring also contain recycled materials and are themselves recyclable, ensuring a more sustainable lifecycle for every one of our facilities.

In-House Expertise

We have an in-house design team which has decades of experience in off-site manufacturing techniques and data centre design. This experience has seen them develop designs for more than 300 mission-critical infrastructure projects across the world. Our team is multi-disciplined, with skills and experience in architecture, structural engineering, building services engineering, logistics and facilities management.

BladeRoom Data Centres Design Team