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Data Centre cooling solutions

Data centres don’t get any cooler than this

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World class PUE

With a fully tested and proven low PUE of 1.04, BladeRoom’s sustainable data centres reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions dramatically compared to other data centres of a similar size through our innovative cooling control solution.

Match Technology

BladeRoom’s Match Technology acts as the brain of the data centre, automatically responding to the external ambient conditions, as well as the changing IT environments, to ensure that cooling supply air precisely matches IT demand. By intelligently linking air supply to air demand, we ensure there are no hot spots, and no over cooling. Conditioned air is directed to exactly where it is needed so that imbalanced IT loads cause no loss of efficiency, and air is never wasted in areas where it is not required.

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Matching supply to demand

Rather than re-circulating and cooling the hot air from the IT as with traditional data centre cooling, a BladeRoom data centre operates like a server by drawing in highly filtered fresh air, intelligently matching air supply to IT demand and exhausting or partially recirculating warm air from the data centre as required.

Free fresh air cooling

Evaporative and free cooling enables the IT equipment to be cooled with supply air temperatures of between 18°C and 30°C for the entire year in the UK without the need for mechanical cooling across a range of IT loads, still performing efficiently at 15% utilisation of racks.

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Maximising efficiency

With such a small amount of power required for support systems and with mechanical cooling so rarely used, BladeRoom’s energy efficient data centres can allow a far greater proportion of site power to be dedicated to servers by running back-up cooling on generator power – maximising available power and increasing overall IT capacity on a power-constrained site.