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maximising off-site

We create the most sustainable data centres in the world and do so more efficiently than anyone else, in both speed and waste, by truly maximising off-site construction. Our approach has many benefits over traditional data centre construction: reducing risk, programme and project costs; providing greater predictability of programme and cost; and providing greater control over quality and sustainability. It benefits the total cost of ownership and shortens the time to revenue generation.

More Sustainable

Off-site construction offers a more sustainable alternative to site-based construction and a more resource-efficient way to produce greener data centre facilities. With up to 90% of the construction process completed in our controlled manufacturing environment, we are to recycle more of our materials, thereby reducing waste and constructing a more sustainable building. By transferring the majority of construction processes and activities to our factory, we are able to reduce the logistical requirements of each project, in turn keeping transportation emissions to a minimum. Our production approach relies on just-in-time deliveries from local suppliers, again minimising transport miles and enabling a more carbon-efficient manufacturing of a data centre.

BladeRoom Data Centre Off-Site Construction Manufacturing Image
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Every stage of our factory production process is subject to stringent quality control checks, concluding with a review of QA completion status and comprehensive pre-dispatch inspection – the final assurance gateway that ensures our products are ready for site installation and immediate energising. Quality control activities continue throughout the site and commissioning phases, meaning that every data hall we deliver undergoes in excess of 5,000 checks, a level of quality control not seen on traditional construction projects.