Sustainable Data Centres

minimising operational and embodied carbon emissions

Providing the world’s most sustainable data centres for more than a decade

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Match Technology

Our data centres are designed around a highly advanced direct air-cooling system. When coupled with our innovative, patented, cooling control system called ‘Match Technology’ we are able to offer our clients a proven solution which dramatically reduces energy consumption and reduces carbon emissions.

Sustainability Through Efficiency

The operational efficiency of our data centres means we use less power and water than other data centres, resulting in industry leading PUE and WUE. The ability to use zero mechanical cooling or refrigerants minimises the power required for cooling, and we are also able to store and treat rainwater to avoid the use of potable water.

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1.4 1.0 1.8 1.2 1.6 1.4 1.0 1.8 1.2 1.6

Global average PUE




BladeRoom PUE excludes primary electrical infrastructure losses

Global 2025 WUE TARGET




Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact 2025 WUE target = 0.4 L/kWh
BladeRoom WUE = 0.0015 L/kWh

A UK BladeRoom uses 34,000 times less water Per KWH than the average British person

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ReducE Your carbon Emissions

With a fully tested and proven low PUE and WUE, BladeRoom significantly reduce carbon emissions, energy and water consumption compared to typical data centres. When coupled with 100% renewably sourced energy, rainwater harvesting and hydrogen generators, your BladeRoom can be genuinely carbon net-zero in its operation.

Building greener

Our unique construction approach offers a genuine off-site construction methodology. We have greater control over activity and materials, reducing waste and constructing a more sustainable building. Less materials are wasted and more of the excess can be reused or recycled.

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Corporate responsibility

As a part of BRG Technologies, we aim to minimise the environmental implications of our business activities. In order to do so, we have set targets and a structured plan for reducing our business’ carbon footprint.

Find out more on the BRG Technologies website.