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Hyperscale Data Centres

taking hyperscale data centres to another level

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Bladeroom hyperscale

Hyperscale data centres provide the data processing and storage needs on a much larger scale for companies who have the most significant IT requirements. BladeRoom offer a complete hyperscale data centre product suitable for any scale of requirement and providing our clients unrivalled operational efficiency.

living up to the hype

The BladeRoom Hyperscale product is engineered to meet the specific technical and operational requirements of companies with hyperscale IT requirements. We offer the most responsible and efficient hyperscale data centre product available, minimising the use of power and water, providing significant carbon emissions savings. Our hyperscale data centre is designed to be able to provide 100% free cooling throughout the year.

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Productising Hyperscale

BladeRoom have productised the largest scale data centre, allowing them to be manufactured off-site in a faster, safer, and more sustainable way. In doing so, we have taken operational efficiency and resiliency to another level whilst minimising the project risks associated with conventional construction of large-scale data centre infrastructure.

Factory Acceptance Testing

In productising the hyperscale data centre, our clients are able to carry out the same level of factory acceptance testing that we performed when developing BladeRoom Hyperscale. There is no other hyperscale data centre provider, conventional or off-site, that undertakes our level of testing before site build commences.

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